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Chinese Painting Club teaches Chinese Painting to anyone who is interested in this form of art-especially studio art students. The Club will hold bi-weekly workshops taught by a fantastic professional Chinese painter- Qiji Chen. Workshops will focus on the use of ink and abstraction--members will learn how to take advantage of ink as a media of drawing and painting. Traditional authentic Chinese painting materials will be provided. No art skill is necessary. It'll be a fun, unique and worthwhile experience for anyone.


"The Journey of Chinese Painting" by Qiji Chen

My name is Qiji Chen, the meaning of which is steed, juncture and miracle. This exhibition is a collection of my work through age13 to 18. I came from Henan, the middle of China, the origin of Chinese ancient culture. I began the journey of studying Chinese wash painting since 9-year-old. My master’s name is Hai Tang, the son of Yurun Tang. He is the first person who paints foxes using the Chinese wash painting skills. He is famous for painting fox, lotus and animals in China. Even though the daily study works was busy, I never ceased studying Chinese wash painting.
In the sensible reality of beauty, I found that Chinese wash painting could fully deliver his spirit world and verve through the ink and water interaction, the moist and dry of the brush and the swing of stoke. Besides, Chinese wash painting improved my aesthetic sentiment, and let me realized that the Chinese culture is extensive and profound, long standing and well established. I am skilled in the fish, crab, shrimp and bird in Chinese wash painting, and my favorite painting themes the lotus, bamboo and shrimp. I want to spread these Chinese classical painting skills all around the world and share them with different cultures.
I also founded the CPC (Chinese Painting Club) in The University of Iowa. And we have workshop biweekly, in the Studio Art. If you have any interests, please Email: cpc.uiowa@gmail.com. To get more information about the club, you may go to Orgsync searching “Chinese painting club”.
My personal philosophies are special but easy to be understood. I believe all things have two sides. For example, everything is changing all the time but “change” has never been changed. And I never despair because hope is always on his way. I also believe that standard is made by human, such as bad and good, long and short, justice and evil. There is nothing always good or bad because comparison makes them so. I would not go extremes to agree with something but I still have my own principles. My favorite books are “Sophia’s world” and “Heart Sutra”.


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