Craft Critique Culture

2015 Conference: TBA

Craft Critique Culture is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the intersections among critical and creative approaches to writing both within and beyond the academy. We invite the submission of critical, theoretical, and original creative work in a variety of media and across the humanities, sciences, and legal disciplines. In the past, submissions have included not only traditional scholarly papers but also film, video, music, writing, visual art and artists’ books, and performance.


Department of English
Freedman Fund
Graduate College
Graduate & Professional Student Gov.
University of Iowa Student Gov.
Writers' Workshop
Cinema & Comparative Literature
School of Library & Information Science
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Department of German

Organizing Committee

Annmarie Steffes, co-chair
Miriam Janechek, co-chair

Panelist/Session Coordinators:
Chelsea Burk
Kyle Barton

Participant/Faculty Coordinator:
Angela Toscano

Conference volunteers:
Anna Williams
Annemarie Pearson
Bethany Johnson Smith
Brent Krammes
Callie Garnett
Corey Hickner-Johnson
Danielle Kennedy
Dorothy Giannakouros
Harrison Dietzman
Heidi Renee Aijala
Jaclyn Carver
Jennifer Yirinec
Katie Wetzel
Stephanie Tsank